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We are in the process of remembering who we are. That’s why time has sped up and we feel like it’s all so familiar but we can’t quite put our finger on it. I went to my grandmother’s home to reconnect with her, even though she passed on a few years ago. I had been

How To Win In Retail

DATE:                 7 December 2020 TIME:                  14h00 – 17h00 LOCATION:         ZOOM PRICE:                 R200.00 If there is one thing that the global pandemic has shown us is how fragile our economy is and how much we rely on inputs from outside the country, mostly China, for most consumer goods. The pandemic has also presented an opportunity

Natural hair whether curly, coily, kinky, zig-zag, craves moisture. Whether 3a or 4c curl type, natural hair needs moisture. Moisture comes from a water-based product that infuses water and nutrition to hair, including conditioning agents. However, most natural curl types cannot retain moisture beyond a day by just applying a water-based product or just applying

    Our hair can grow long. African hair can grow long. Whether it is the softest, fluffy natural hair or thin but coarse, brittle natural hair or relaxed hair; our hair can grow long. It just takes understanding and doing the basics to grow our hair long. It’s not easy though because one slip


  Hot oil treatments are an amazing, amazing deep conditioning treatment that leaves hair feeling good inside and out. It is a deeply nourishing treatment that resolves many hair problems. It leaves hair moisturized, shiny and soft. People with all types of hair can do hot oil treatments, whether you consider your hair naturally oily

Conditioning is probably the most important part of our washing routine, in fact it’s probably the most important part of our hair care routine. Conditioning does more than just restore the moisture that was stripped from shampooing. Applying a conditioner to your hair literally conditions your hair to improve its texture and appearance to one

Our Amina Deep Penetrating Moisturising Conditioner is the best deep conditioner for deeply moisturising, hydrating and softening the kinkiest, moist coily of 4c/z hair! It rewards your coils like no other. It is a thick, creamy conditioner, formulated with concentrated natural oils and natural conditioning agents that are extremely beneficial and responsive to kinky dry

Moisturizing Low Porosity Hair Using the Baggy Method There is probably one word that we keep hearing as naturals; in fact we could probably start a petition to have it be our official ‘natural’ word, “moisture”. If you don’t already, you should learn how to love this word, because you will hear it a lot,