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Thursday, 25 March 2021 / Published in Blog, Entertainment, My Beautiful Life, News & Politics

DATE:                 7 December 2020

TIME:                  14h00 – 17h00


PRICE:                 R200.00

If there is one thing that the global pandemic has shown us is how fragile our economy is and how much we rely on inputs from outside the country, mostly China, for most consumer goods. The pandemic has also presented an opportunity to bring manufacturing back to South Africa and Africa to protect against unforeseen shocks and also to build resilient, equitable economies.

Other events in 2020 also highlighted the need for broad-based participation in the economy, especially manufacturing, which would see more black-owned businesses supplying retailers and wholesalers.

This online conference seeks to ensure that all aspiring entrepreneurs have a better understanding of how the retail landscape in South Africa works, which route to market best suits their vision for themselves and their brand and how they can build sustainable, job creating businesses. Building a healthy, growing, resilient and equitable economy is all of our business.

  • The retail landscape in South Africa
  • Understanding basics required to list in retail
  • Understanding pricing and basic trading terms
  • Funding once listed in retail chain
  • Small business in retail success stories
  • How to get your product flying off shelves
  • Sectoral gaps and opportunities for SA manufactured goods

How to certify you agro-processing or food product for retail