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What is YOUR Vision 2020? AfroBotanics Presents ‘My Beautiful Life Workshop’ 21 Sept 2019

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AfroBotanics hosts second Annual ‘My Beautiful Life Workshop’ 21 September 2019.

Last year we hosted our first workshop, a first experience at wanting to do something different, put the women in our community at the centre and empower them by giving them tools to define for themselves what a fulfilling, successful and beautiful life is to them. Women have to learn to fill their cups first before they can fill the cups of those around them.

At our 2018 workshop we had 60 women, young and old, at different places in their careers and personal lives and each woman walked away with the ability to assess the state of their lives and determine where they want go, and were given tools to define where they want to go and how to overcome the fear to start with that change. 

Rachel Nyaradzo Adams, renowned international leadership coach led the half-day session, and it was impactful. And this year we want to do more and go deeper and hopefully make it a journey beyond the one-day workshop.

From my own experience I know that change is hard. Life forces change upon us but it is often difficult and very scary for us to take the decision to change.
One day you go to bed content with yourself, content with life, and the next day you wake up with a hint of discontent. 
The discontent grows, seemingly with no cause no root and we often don’t know where to start. When I look back now I am tempted to feel as though I wasted 4 years of my life swimming in discontent because I didn’t know where I want to be and how to begin to figure it out.

  • Sometimes we know we need to change but don’t know how or are downright terrified of change.
  • Other times we feel unhappy about where we are at but have no idea where we want to be or who we want to be.
  • Concepts such as ‘self-love’ and ‘authenticity’ are thrown around everywhere and they have no resonance with us, we have no idea where to start.

We start looking outside of ourselves in books, podcasts, the lives of public figures, we attend talks by successful people and still, we don’t find the spark of inspiration that lasts long enough to see us make serious change.

We are here to learn and grow, everybody gets pushed by life to grow and change, every single person. We either determine (as much as we can) where we want our lives to go and are deliberate about change and respond to our need for change or life happens to us and pushes change upon us.

This year we have an all-day workshop planned with some amazing, experienced practitioners in life-coaching, personal development, leadership development and alignment experts.

            Date:     21 September 2019
            Time:     07h00 – 17h00
            Venue:   The Orchards Executive Guest House, 46 Allan Rd, Glen Austin, Midrand
            Price:     R400.00 per person (breakfast, lunch and snacks incl) PLUS a free book “Unbecoming
                          to Become”  by Ayanda Borotho.

This workshop will not only change your life through concepts I and thousands have used successfully, but you will have a template on which to work from to make sure you fulfill your vision 2020.

Executive Life Coaches:

  • Jacqueline Freemantle: Master CCE ILDP International Coach
  • Akhona Ngcobo: Enneagram Practitioner and Transformation Coach
  • Brian Ntshangase: Meditation Facilitator and Energetic Healer
  • Ayanda Borotho: Actress, Author, Transformation Practitioner 

Click on the link below to purchase tickets.